Our Vision

Meraki (Greek: μεράκι) nounthe soul, essence, and creativity one puts into one's work; the essence of oneself in one's creations. 

Here at Meraki Radio, we believe that creativity is life itself.

You have emerged as part of a huge evolving creative process called the universe. Then, you give part of yourself to the every creations that make up a life. 

 Our goal is to celebrate those who dare to live with meraki. We do this by sharing your creations and your stories. 

Meraki is presented as themed bundles of creative goodness. We take all the best bits from literary journals, radio-dramas, and music events and blend them into a podcast. We also curate an online collection of art, photography, music, cinema, and whatever else tickles our fancy. 

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Our Team

...and their relation to word, microphone, and lens