Cloncurry Tales

Meraki Radio's latest project takes us on an exploration of place and memory in the Queensland Outback town of Cloncurry. 

Working with the Cloncurry Shire Council, The Cloncurry Historical Society, and those who call "The Curry" home, we've created a storied tour of the township.

GPS Guided Tour

The best way is to drive approximately 1,774km North West from Brisbane until you arrive at the rural township of Cloncurry. There you can whip out the geo-located audio app and local voices will guide you through the community.

The locals will say that the only real way to know Outback Queensland is to go there, get the red dirt beneath your nails and feel the spinifex at your knees. We tend to agree.

But you can also listen to the stories wherever you are right now. All you need is your phone or device.

Step by Step:

  1. Visit your app store to download the "" app. 

  2. Search for the "Cloncurry Tales" tour and press "Download". This may take some time to download, so we suggest a wifi internet connection for this step. Once the tour is dowloaded you do not need the internet. 

  3. Press the arrow > to play. 
  4. A map of the town will appear. Shaded areas indicate story locations. 
  5. If you are in the town, the blue dot will indicate your position on the map. As you move into a shaded area stories will begin to play automatically. Think of it as a treasure hunt, but with stories. 
  6. If you're playing at home or can't get to the locations, select a region on the map (selected areas turn blue) and press the play arrow to hear the story.

Please note:

  • We did not design the app: it's from amazing crew at  This platform is to test the concept. Cloncurry is looking into great ways to present it for the future. 
  • We have found issues arise when trying to play a story located elsewhere on the map while physically located in another story location. The app gets confused about which story to play. So wander to the next location, or find a place with no stories pinned there to have a good long listen (If you're in The Curry, we highly recommend a visit to the dam for this!). 
  • We will be uploading new stories throughout 2017. This means you may need to periodically uninstall the app then reinstall for the updated tour to play correctly.

Listen Online

If you can't get out to Cloncurry, you can still listen online through the playlist below!

Get Involved


If you have a story to share about the Cloncurry region, get in touch through our Facebook page or the form below!

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