Story finding lab and storytelling lounge: Meraki Radio at Island Elements

23rd - 25th October 2015

Join Alana and James for a journey in finding and expressing your life story. 

Through creative play, meditation, mindfulness, movement, and laughter,  Alana and James will guide you through:

  • The importance of finding and sharing your story.
  • The forms that storytelling can take.
  • How to find your story.
  • How to express your story. 

We also invite all festival participants to join us in our story telling lounge. This is an intimate and safe space for sharing your story. We will record stories throughout the weekend and play them in an onsite installation. This workshop is open to all ages, backgrounds, and denominations--no experience with storytelling or mindfulness necessary, only experiences! 

A shiny new festival held on the tranquil shores of Stradbroke Island, Island Elements is "an immersive three-day sanctuary, a place for creative self-expression, thought, and healing".

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