Meraki is all about creative community, and we'd love to hear your story.  

We accept high quality submissions of creative works for both our radio show and our blog. Each episode is based around a theme and will include a combination of our productions (which might be developed from your tip-offs) and contributors' work. 

We are open minded about what we include, but we do ask that you explore our show and website before approaching us with an idea. We'll do our best to reply within a few weeks with personalised feedback. 

There is only so much you can fit into an episode, so sometimes we may not have room for your awesomeness. We'd still love to keep in touch though, so don't forget to send us a bio and links to your work, then make sure your pretty little name is on our mailing list. 

Tip-Offs: Do you have a story of living with Meraki?

Send us a short message telling us what the story is about, who’s involved, when it happened, and why you think it’s important. Send us a message at Please subject the email as "Tip-Off: [your name]".

If we think it might suit one of our future shows we’ll contact you to find out more. If the idea is a perfect match for us, one of our production team will investigate and weave it into an audio narrative.

Tip-offs are generally unpaid, but can be a great way to advertise your cause.

Artworks: Are you an artist?

We accept submissions of music, writing, and radio-drama for our radio show. Our blog is fuelled by all of the above plus cinema, clips of performance art / dance, and images of visual art, design, and fashion. Send your work or a description of your work to Please subject your submission email as "Artwork: [Your name]".

At this stage, we cannot guarantee payment for our contributors. Where possible, we promise we will pay in goods from our sponsors.

If you'd like to be a sponsor, then contact us!

Upcoming themes

Volume 2: Where I used to live

Volume 3: The body electric